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Why Us

CMP’s commitment to excellence dose not start with the sale of a machine, but rather with the purchase of its parts.  Unlike other manufacturers we insists on using premium quality parts produced by A+ rated companies.  Our preference in using the best brand name components is to ensure that our customers attain the maximum return  on their investment.  By only using brand name components, such as Festo, Bosch, Vickers, ABB, Seimens, Barber Coleman, Moog Controls, Nachi, Beckhoff, B&R  we are able to guarantee that you will never be disappointed in choosing CMP. 

The benefit of using reputable companies is to ensure a parts dealer is available in each country all over the world.  The ability of our machine to blend in any international market is another key reason for our success. 

We ensure our machines are functional in any city in any country.  We achieve this primarily by using ISO 9000 certified suppliers.  Remarkably so even while providing the best machines we promise the most competitive prices. You will find extraordinary savings when you Purchase your next Blow Moulding Machine from CMP, but rest assured the quality of the machine will surpass if not equal the quality of our competitors.  For years CMP has grown on one principle, selling the best products at the best price.

Advantages of choosing CMP Blow Moulding Machines

Below are the few advantages of choosing CMP blow moulding machines for your various blow Moulding requirements over other brands available in the market.

  • With advanced energy module, it is possible to control the temperature with accuracy up-to +/-0.5 degree with compare to +/-2 degree on machines supplied by other manufacturers.
  • In continuous process of improvement, we have developed a new PLC with a German brand Beckhoff which helps to monitor energy consumption along with total and phase wise power.
  • With upgrading our system to Beckhoff has another advantage. With this you will be able to save approximate 2% on electricity which is very important on product cost reduction.
  • We use highest quality PLC which has complete touch screen
  • Other advantage of using CMP Machines is that you can operate machine from remote places with-out hassle. You can monitor machine activity through LAN connection sitting conveniently in your office. Yes, this is possible with proper internet connection Same way it helps to overcome all most all the problems arising on the machine.
  • We have developed new program having In/ Out swapping facility. It eliminates machine breakdown due to card failure. This will also help reducing your inventory
  • CMP machines core strength is its sturdy and robust gear box. With our aim to provide the best to the customer we provide gear box from Shanthi gear box which are made with highest precision. These are ISO standard case hardened to 58-62 HRC hardness.
  • These gear boxes are custom made to our requirement. These are class 5 gear boxes which indicate highest quality and performance
  • These gear boxes are custom made to our requirement. These are class 5 gear boxes which indicate highest quality and performance

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