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47 years of Experience in manufacturer of Blow Moulding Machine.

Central Machinery & Plastic Products (CMP) is a manufacturing firm concentrating in providing Plastic Processing  Machines to the international market. CMP has grown steadily and prominently for the last forty-seven years and has for several years been considered the leading and largest manufacturer of Blow Moulding Machine in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and now with a strong presence in America.  We credit our success to our customers who appreciate our outstanding products coupled with its lasting performance and exceptional service.

Although CMP produces a variety of machines for processing plastics, our mainstream expertise is The CMP Blow Moulding Machine. We take pride in informing you that we manufacture over 300 Blow Moulding Machine a year, and at present have over 3800 machines in operation. Our Blow Moulding Machine is the heart of our business, and because we produce so many machines in one year we are able to pass the saving to our end users. Our 50 ml Blow Moulding Machine starts from $ 10,000.00 and goes up to $ 150,000.00 for the 10 Ltr. Machines. We believe in providing the highest quality machines at the best possible price.

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Our ability to manufacture to your specification and ensure the success of our products is but one of many advantages you have when dealing  with CMP. Our compact designing combined with user friendly interface ensure the success of our machines.  Both the CMP Single Station Blow Mould machine and the CMP Twin Station Blow Mould machine are equipped  with globally renowned components in hydraulic, electronic and pneumatic systems.  To automate the removal of scrap from the  bottles and containers we also offer the “De-Flashing” machine. Another unique feature we make available to our customers is the “Microprocessor Control” unit (T.M.C.), which is a sophisticated programmable unit allowing complete control over the blow moulding parameters.

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